Addiction Awareness Scholarship

Alcohol Services is proud to announce a $1,000 humanitarian scholarship award for 2 students attending undergraduate or graduate programs. Currently, there are two iterations of the award available – one for spring of 2021 and one for summer of 2021.

To earn the award, students must be over the age of 18 and write a 500-word essay explaining how the scholarship would help them in their quest for higher learning.

In particular, students must cite a personal example of how they have contributed to their community in a humanitarian or philanthropic way. Essays should also mention people or ideologies that have influenced and inspired the student to pursue an education in the health or human services field.

Overall, Alcohol Services is seeking students that have the passion and skills to positively influence and advocate for social responsibility in health care.

Because social responsibility is a key value for Dana Point Rehab Campus, the organization feels that identifying and rewarding students that share the same mission is the best way to improve the future of healthcare.

The deadline to apply for the spring scholarship is April 30, 2021, while the winter deadline is Dec 30, 2021. Interested students can apply below.

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