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Alcohol Rehab Southern California

Alcohol Rehab Southern California

Get the Top Alcohol Rehab in Southern California

Alcoholism is one of the most difficult dependencies to overcome. Because alcohol is a socially accepted drug, it is very difficult for those affected and their environment to recognize the problem and to look for alternatives to overcome it. if the addict is able to recognize the addiction, the wisest thing to do is to seek specialized help that will allow them to free themselves from the darkness of alcohol and make a meaningful and happy life.

If you want to overcome alcohol dependence, you will find a variety of premium alcohol rehab programs in CA. However, the best alternative is the leading outpatient treatment we offer at The Heavenly Center. It is essential you learn more about our rehab, so you know why we are the greatest alcohol rehab in Southern California.

Top-5 FAQs About The Heavenly Center Alcohol Rehab

  1. What's Different About This Alcohol Rehab Treatment?

Most paid and free alcohol rehab centers base recovery on abstinence. Many of them use approaches that do not address the true origins of dependence. At The Heavenly Center, we apply an extraordinary mix of traditional and alternative therapies and empower our guests to seek their own path. This allows them to select those therapies that work best for them. For our staff, the goal is to achieve your full recovery, regardless of how you make it.

  1. Do You Use Medication at The Heavenly Center?

In many cases, the use of medication is essential to help people ease the challenges of withdrawal. That is why at our top alcohol rehab treatment in California we offer both Medication Assisted Treatment and Cannabis Assisted Treatment. The difference with any other low-cost addiction treatment in CA is that we take care that the use of medication does not become a substitute for addiction. We strive to help people redefine themselves so that through therapy they can resolve the internal storms that lead them to use alcohol.

  1. How Long Does Alcohol Rehab Last?

We offer a 9-week, top-of-the-line recovery method, divided into three stages. In the first third of the program (Day/Night), people attend six group therapies and one individual therapy per week, plus medication appointments as needed. Then, in the Intensive Outpatient stage, one group session is eliminated, and the patient is assisted in dealing with the triggers of their consumption patterns. In the Outpatient stage, with only three group therapies a week, we help the guest prepare for full reintegration into society, acquiring the new skills that will allow them to lead a clean and full life.

  1. What Other Therapies Are Used?

In addition to individual and group therapies, the guest can choose from a variety of activities including art & movement, motivational enhancement, and music studio sessions, among others. All of them are designed to help the person find their own essence, redefine themselves, and achieve freedom from alcohol.

  1. Is Treatment Costly?

While our leading alcohol treatment has costs associated with it, keep in mind that the price is significantly less than alcohol rehabilitation seclusion options. Besides, we accept most insurances in the country, so you can access your recovery without worry. You can count on our prime case management service, where our specialists will help you achieve the best financial option in your case. Contact the Heavenly Center for the best outpatient addiction treatment in all of California.

Alcohol Rehab Southern California