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Alcohol Treatment Costa Mesa

Alcoholism is a behavioral disorder that is treatable with medical detox, psychotherapies, and group counseling. Clear Life Recovery is a leading alcohol treatment in Costa Mesa that works to build a healthy routine for recovering addicts to help them stay focused on recovery.

What happens if I relapse after rehab?

Research and studies state that relapses are common in recovering addicts after rehab treatment. Even the most dedicated recovering alcoholics often relapse for a brief period. Most rehab centers offer help for recovering addicts who relapse within a couple of weeks or months after treatment. However, it is imperative to seek help for treatment as soon as you relapse instead of waiting until the issue gets worse.

As a part of our alcohol treatment in Costa Mesa, we insist our recovering addicts attend AA support groups every week to stay committed to sobriety. We also offer counseling and therapy sessions for recovering addicts after rehab once a week. Furthermore, we recommend our patients to maintain a recovery journal, where they can jot down their challenges, their progress in recovery, their biggest fears, etc. All these steps play a pivotal role in helping individuals maintain sobriety after rehab.

Who qualifies as a heavy drinker?

Men who consume more than 15 drinks a week and women who drink more than eight drinks per week are considered heavy drinkers. One drink equals 5 oz of wine, 1.5 oz of spirits, or 12 oz of beer. Furthermore, the signs and symptoms you experience after drinking or when you stop drinking also plays a role in determining your stage in alcoholism.

If you constantly experience signs of slurry speech, bloodshot eyes, lack of coordination, hallucination, seizures, etc. seek help immediately from an addiction treatment specialist. Individuals with a heavy drinking problem require an inpatient rehab program for a minimum of 30 - 90 days to overcome alcohol addiction.

Tips to prevent alcohol relapse

At our addiction treatment center, before our patients exit our facility, we help them in drafting an action plan. This plan is to help recovering addicts stay committed to sobriety and to avoid relapse after treatment. We guide our recovering addicts to plan short term and long term recovery goals to help them lead a sober and fulfilling life.

Short term goals are for the next 30 days that follow after exiting a rehab facility. We recommend our recovering addicts to develop a recovery plan that focuses on recognizing negative impulses and triggers and designing an effective coping mechanism to defeat such triggers.

Long term goals focus on areas like repairing impaired relationships, developing new hobbies, planning a career and setting professional goals, etc. Remember to celebrate your recovery milestones as and when you attain them. Work on developing a five-year and ten-year plan to keep you motivated in the long term.

At Clear Life Recovery, we offer highly effective evidence-based alcohol treatment in Costa Mesa. Our serene and tranquil rehab setting offers the perfect setting for recovering addicts to heal and get better.

Alcohol Treatment Costa Mesa
Alcohol Treatment Costa Mesa
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