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Florida Alcohol Rehab

Florida Alcohol Rehab

Nowadays, our societies focus on dismantling the gloomy effects of drug abuse and drug addiction, as well as fighting the black-market injecting hundreds of tons of illicit substances into the public’s veins. However, there is another problem that may appear to be even more dramatic when looking at the bigger picture – alcoholism. As a team of professionals, dealing with substance abuse every day, we, at Meridian Treatment Solutions, know how disastrous alcohol addiction can become.

All Florida alcohol rehab programs aim at defusing a situation that is extremely hard to control. Not because it is so widespread, which it is, but because being an alcoholic isn’t illegal. Which means that the majority of people won’t seek professional assistance and won’t be forced to go through rehabilitation programs, except when they end up conflicting with the law.

Another reason why alcoholics fail to get the attention they need is that alcohol addiction health side-effects take longer to occur, compared to those coming from drug abuse. But there is no denying that alcoholism is as much of a problem as opioid consumption is, if not more. Close to 90,000 Americans die every year because of alcohol abuse and alcohol-related causes.

Statistics coming from the World Health Organization, along with a report published in the Journal of the American Medical Association showed that:


- More than 10% of the American children live in families where at least one of the members abuses alcohol regularly

- Over 92% of cases of domestic violence include alcohol consumption as the primary catalyst

- 61% of the domestic abusers in the US have drinking problems or are advanced alcoholics

- 11% of all cases of homicides are the direct result of domestic violence in which alcohol played a significant role

These data alone show why Florida alcohol rehab programs take alcoholism very seriously.

Binge drinking, addiction, withdrawal, and relapse

These are the most essential four stages of alcohol consumption, out of which binge drinking appears to be directly related to influencing alcohol addiction, especially when repeated with enough regularity. Binge drinking is more of a young people’s problem, and a 2018 National Institute of Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism has shown that, when binge drinking takes place in socially supportive groups and entourages, it increases the risk of developing alcohol use disorder and addiction on the long run.

And once addiction has set in, things will only become harder from that point on. The patient’s behavior will gradually change for the worse, with increased irritability, withdrawal symptoms like shaking, anxiety, nausea and vomiting, confusion and so on. As alcoholism continues to remain untreated, it will eventually end up causing severe health problems, both physical and mental, like liver damages, higher blood pressure, higher risk for heart disease and stroke, predisposition towards depression, suicidal tendencies in some cases and so on.

And then there’s relapse, preventing the addict to escape the drinking problem, which is one of the hardest aspects Florida alcohol rehab programs fight with. And Meridian Treatment Solutions is on the barricades, working full-power to not only help individuals regain control over their lives, but also make our societies safer.