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Get help for alcohol addiction with resources from Alcohol Services. Our free Web resources are designed to help your family navigate the challenging waters surrounding an addiction.

Alcohol Services Center, Inc.’s (ASC) mission is to provide in-depth individualized, and supportive mental health services with compassion and empathy to ALL.

Recovering from alcohol addiction can be challenging. Those who have developed a dependence on alcohol may experience withdrawal symptoms within six to 24 hours after their last drink. Some of these withdrawal symptoms, such as seizures, can be life-threatening, especially for those who undergo it alone without getting help at an alcohol rehab center.

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At Alcohol Services, you will learn how an alcohol rehab center can benefit you or a loved one who needs help recovering from an alcohol use disorder. We will help you find an accredited alcohol rehab center that offers alcohol detox, medication maintenance, and a range of behavioral therapies such as cognitive-behavioral therapy, family therapy, and contingency management.

Alcohol Addiction

Learn more about alcoholism and getting help.  Identifying the signs and convincing a family member or friend can prevent health problems or worse.

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Can A Heavy Drinker Become A Moderate Drinker?

Can A Heavy Drinker Become A Moderate Drinker?

Many people entering alcohol addiction treatment have questions about a life of abstinence, and whether they can change their drinking habit from heavy to moderate. The short answer? It's often impossible for a heavy drinker to become a moderate drinker, simply...

Is Drug and Alcohol Rehab Effective?

Is Drug and Alcohol Rehab Effective?

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